Helping seniors do better with tech.

Digi Lit workshops help women who are seniors to better navigate the internet, make online purchases, and reconnect with friends and loved ones

How seniors across America are getting over the digital divide.

Digi Lit is designed to assist older adults (those who are 65 and older) who are interested in learning how to use the internet. In order to learn new computer and internet skills and gain self-assurance, participants can choose from courses or live sessions.

How We Help

Keep up with technology as it changes.

We help seniors to stay up to date with digital technologies from new devices to hardware and software.

Get more confident with engaging in online activities.

We equip seniors with the knowledge and skills they need to get online and begin building their own digital footprints.

Stay connected with friends and family through the internet.

We help seniors to stay in touch with loved ones and discover new gadgets to connect with anyone digitally.

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Upcoming Live Virtual Classes

Our live virtual classes are a great fit for seniors who are already familiar with the internet and new technological devices but looking to dive deeper into how to use both better.

Click on the respective city to visit the page and see the class schedule.

Our Courses

Beginning in April of 2022 we will offer online educational courses for seniors to take at their leisure.  Our online courses allow participants to learn new skills and build confidence using computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as the internet at their pace. Each course is pre-recorded and varies in length of time. At the end of each course, a certificate will be received to mark successful completion. 

Start Here

The Basics

  • Pursuing Hobbies
  • Finding the Right Device
  • Communicating with Family
  • Reducing Dependence on Others

The Best Tools To Use

  • Intro to Devices
  • Intro to the Internet
  • Intro to Email
  • Intro to Browsing

The Most Popular Uses

  • Online Shopping
  • Digital Banking
  • Managing Photos
  • Problem Solving Online

Protecting Yourself

  • Online Bullying & Abuse
  • Staying Safe Online
  • Social Networking
  • Digital Information

About Black Girl Health Foundation

We aim to enhance the confidence and capability of seniors living in America to engage online to advance their own education, employment, health and wellbeing as well as that of their family.

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